A Landlord’s Guide To Ikos Rental Applications

This walk through will help you make sense of one of the most exciting phases of our leasing process.

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What’s different about an Ikos application packet?

As a property owner or manager using the Ikos platform for your rental application, you get comprehensive overviews of interested renters. When prospective tenants apply through Ikos Concierge their application is valid for 60 days. It can be used to apply to all properties listed on our platform for no additional costs. These savings are a big reason why people love renting through Ikos!

How are renters screened? What does the application consist of?

Each application packet you receive in your Homebase account will include:

When will renters apply to my property?

With the video tour and floor plan taken by our Field Services Team, renters can submit their packets either before or after they’ve toured the space in person. Should a submitted applicant want to rent sight unseen, make sure you consider these best practices.

How do I know when somebody applies?

When renters complete their packets you will be notified via email. Additionally an alert will be displayed on your ‘My Portfolio’ page in Homebase.

What are the next steps?

After being notified you will have 72 hours to provide an approval, denial, or a request for further documentation. Should you request additional documentation you will then have 24 hours to make a decision regarding approval or denial from the time the additional documents have been sent over.

Ikos emphasizes quick application turnaround time because renters in some instances will apply to multiple properties at once. This is important for property owners and managers to keep in mind because submitted packets won’t necessarily equate to a signed lease if people are evaluating multiple units.

For a technical breakdown of how to approve or deny an application in Homebase you can also reference our Knowledge Base.
Ikos Application Accepted

After you make your decision, Homebase notifies the renter. Once an application is accepted you will be prompted with their contact information so you can move forward with your lease signing.

It’s that easy!

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