Homebase: Our dashboard for property owners.

Ikos simplifies the leasing process - making it easy for you to fill your rental properties with great tenants, fast. 

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How do we simplify the leasing process? One of the ways is through Homebase, our property owner dashboard that keeps you informed on the status of all of your rental properties.


Filling a rental isn’t as easy as adding the property to Craigslist and crossing your fingers.   


Having a system that keeps you organized  - and helps you make decisions fast - makes all the difference when leasing your rental properties. 


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With vibrant listing pages, a complete suite of leasing tools, and an experienced team of advisors, Ikos makes property leasing an easier, more successful experience for you and your soon-to-be tenants.


Homebase was launched to give you the ability to list your properties quickly and easily keep track of all of the leads, renter feedback and pending applications.


Market your rentals FAST 

When you list a property in Homebase, Ikos syndicates the listing to 90 of the most popular real estate sites, including Zillow, Facebook, and Apartments.com.


Collect valuable feedback

When our Insiders conduct showings, they collect honest feedback about your property from renters. This feedback is essential to renting your property quickly, at the right price.


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Make data-driven decisions

Renter feedback, combined with all of the data we collect around listing views, leads and applications help you make smart decisions quickly.


Choose the right tenants

Ikos collects everything you need to get the most complete picture of your applicants. Applications include all the essential info you need to decide if a renter is right for you, including background, income, rental, and criminal history.


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Interested in working with Ikos to lease your rental properties? Contact us here.

Already a client, but haven’t created a Homebase account yet? Email us at owners@ikoshq.com.