How To Open A Frozen Lockbox

A de-icing solution is a must have for every landlord conducting cold weather showings.

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When it comes to real estate seasonality, the winter months are generally the slowest time of the year for renters looking at new homes. With the lower volume of prospective tenants in the market it's critical to make the most of all traffic you can generate for your property.

While Ikos can offer tips for leasing rental properties in the winter, at the very least, you’ll want to ensure all the basic aspects of your leasing operation are running smoothly. We know the time it takes to list your property, contact renters, and schedule showings. Additionally, we understand how this snowy season adds complications to these logistics. 


The last thing you need after putting that work in is to arrive at your appointment only to find out that your lockbox is frozen shut. You can’t get to your key and now both you and your prospective tenant are waiting outside in the cold. What do you do?


To avoid these awkward encounters, we recommend that you keep a de-icing spray in your car at all times during the winter months. In need of a product recommendation? We’ve luckily tested a few out:

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And the winner was…? CRC’s Ice-Off. While labeled as a “Windshield Spray De-Icer” it’s also advertised that it “thaws frozen locks and is effective to sub-zero temperatures”. Our test certainly yielded the same results.


So that all of your showings run smoothly during this cold time of year, feel free to follow this Amazon link to ensure that you and your prospective renters can always access a frozen lockbox.