Introducing Our Operations Team

In addition to showings we can provide lockbox setups, new photos, video tours, and floor plans. 

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COVID-19 changed the rental market in the spring of 2020. One trend that’s here to stay is a demand for more digital tools from renters during their home search.

While Ikos was working with renters at the start of the pandemic, we received many requests for virtual tours and live-streamed showings. In response, we shifted our teams around to provide video tours to every property in our network.

Seeing how much it benefited our customers to have more property information upfront, we added floor plans to all our listings too.

Ikos Floor Plan

After a few months with these features in place, we observed that renters were cycling through our processes quicker. We found our team was also fielding fewer questions from prospective tenants as well. Many of them were simply answered upfront by watching the video tour.

On top of that the floor plan allowed renters to know whether the space would fill their needs. For example, say a renter wanted to know whether their furniture would fit into an apartment. Before our layouts, they’d either have to contact us and directly inquire or bring their tape measure to a showing. Now, renters look at the dimensions of each room on our post and know the best way to move forward.

With how much this has helped our customers, it was a no brainer to make the change permanent. Thus, we’ve formally established this new function of our process with our Operations Team. For every unit Ikos services with our Workforce package, we will continue to provide:

  • Key exchanges
  • Lockbox setups
  • Photos
  • Video tour
  • Floor plan

With more hands on deck naturally speeding up the work, this team further enables your Client Advisor to better focus on overseeing activity on your property and leasing operations going forward from the initial setup.

So, when your next property becomes available, simply upload it to Homebase. Once it's there and photo ready, an Operations Insider will be right over to help get your listing up quick!


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