Is your rental property ready for showings?

Having a standard set of questions that you ask every potential tenant can make life lot easier. This is the first step of a successful screening process.

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Your goal is to fill vacancies fast - and avoid lost rental income. Here are a few simple things you can do now to prepare your rental for showings.


Amp up the curb appeal

First impressions matter. Cut the grass, trim the bushes, prune the trees, pull the weeds, dust off the porch furniture, and add some flowers (if it’s the season). Dig out the pressure washer to clean sidewalks, fences and walls.

Pay attention to common spaces

Renters look for signs of good maintenance before they even step through the apartment door. Pick up any garbage in the parking lot, tighten door handles, and declutter common areas like the entryway, laundry room or garage.

Swiffer, swiffer good

The easiest way to attract the best renters is to have a spotless apartment. Clean properties command a premium. While it may be worthwhile to put on your gloves and give the place a deep clean, think about investing in a professional cleaner who will be able to make sure your place is looking perfect.

Get rid of odors

Bad smells turn off renters. Carpets are often the main culprit for holding odors. If your carpets are stained and still smell after your best efforts to clean them, it may be best to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. And don’t forget about the refrigerator. A fresh box of baking soda goes a long way.

Work with your current tenants (if they’re still there)

If your rental is occupied, let your residents know what to expect during the leasing process. You may want to consider offering incentives that encourage current residents to clean their home before showings, such as a small gift card or a break on the rent.

Replace burnt out bulbs & turn on the lights

There’s nothing welcoming about a dark home. Make sure all of the light bulbs are working and then turn on every light in the house, including appliance lights and closet lights. Now, with the flick of a switch, your rental will look more warm and inviting – everything a tenant looks for in a home.


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