Managing your rental applications

All of the hard work associated with marketing and showing your property has finally brought in a few rental applications. So, what's next?

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One of the most exciting parts of the leasing process is the moment the first application comes in. If you’re lucky - and are offering a great property that's priced correctly for the neighborhood - you could have multiple renters submit an application.


Included in Homebase, our dashboard for property owners, is all of the functionality needed to manage, review, and accept or reject any incoming rental application. 


Ikos has been marketing your property, fielding all of your incoming renter leads, and conducting showings. After walking a few people through your rental property, an application is submitted. Time to review the app.

Review Application

If more than one application has been submitted, a list of applicants will appear. 


List of applications


After choosing an applicant to review, you’ll be presented with a complete rental application, which includes employment history, rental history, and a full background check.


Completed Application copy


Now it’s all about screening. Once you have an application, read it carefully.


Do they have pets? How many occupants would be moving in? How’s their housing history? Likewise, how stable is their job history? Our Client Advisors can help you navigate the waters of reviewing a rental application, if you have any questions or concerns. And don’t forget, if you’re looking for some additional peace of mind on your decision, you can always take advantage of our Rent Coverage program.


Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to either Accept or Reject the application.

Accept Reject (1)

After making a decision, Homebase will notify the renter. Once an application is accepted, the renter’s identity and contact information are made available to you and you can move on to the Lease Signing stage.


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