Meet the Team: Ikos Insiders

Ikos Insiders are neighborhood experts who meet with renters to provide friendly tours of properties that are available to be leased in their local areas. 

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Hey John! Tell us a little bit about yourself.


I'm a native Clevelander who's passionate about a plethora of issues and causes. I'm a diehard fan of Cleveland sports teams, for better or worse (and it's been mostly worse in my lifetime!).

I was a minister in a major Protestant denomination for some years, and still enjoy public speaking - especially on the subject of human potential realization.


How long have you been in Cleveland and what do you like most about living there?


I've lived in Cleveland for an aggregate total of almost 50 years. I always relished the underdog label that the city had and I think it really made Clevelanders more cohesive and resilient. What I most love about Cleveland is all of the big-city amenities we have, coupled with a small-town vibe. I also love surprising first-time visitors with the amazing sights and activities that exist here.


How long have you been an Ikos Insider?


I've been an Ikos insider since January of 2018.


What’s your favorite thing about being an Insider?


I was the operator of a Cleveland tour company for about 25 years ago and haven't visited many areas of the city since then. My position with Ikos has allowed me to get reacquainted with many neighborhoods I haven't seen in years.


Best renter / showing story?


I was privileged to conduct a showing for a new executive at Great Lakes Brewing Company recently. Great Lakes was a pioneer in the microbrewery industry, and it really kicked off a renaissance in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland over 30 years ago. I was an original customer of Great Lakes, since I worked at West Side Market, which is right across. It was really fun showing them a great property, sharing my love of Cleveland, and making this connection back to my young adulthood.


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