New feature: Video tours 🎞

Reanimate your rental search with Video tours – now supported with property listings on Ikos Concierge. 

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Ikos is pleased to introduce Video tours

with property listings on Concierge.


Sure, the world might be upside down right now, but people still need a place to call home. We took a cue from this moment to build something that works for today and tomorrow.




From map view, renters can now quickly find properties with video tours by looking for the label “Video tour.” On the property page, underneath the property photos, renters can access the video by selecting the “Watch video tour” button. 


Watch video tours of property listings on Ikos Concierge.


After creating an account, renters are free to watch the video at their own pace, ask a question about the property, and build their renter profile to apply – all from their Concierge account. 



Revolutionary? Not quite. A safe alternative to in-person tours? You bet. Ikos properties have enjoyed thousands of virtual tours since the feature was released two weeks ago.


But that’s not to say video tour demand is solely tied to current events. Zillow’s 2019 Consumer Housing Trends Report found that “Millennials (ages 25-39) and Generation Z (ages 18-24) account for nearly two-thirds (65%) of all renters.” 


And that trope about Millennials and Gen Zers living online? They like to buy online, too: 80% of respondents to a recent Zumper survey said that they “were open to leasing a property that they’ve only toured virtually.”


Video tours are here to stay long after COVID-19 passes. Not just a sign of changing preferences, there are considerable benefits to offering renters video tours.


Give renters a better sense of space by visualizing the flow of an apartment wit video tours.


Video tours give renters a better sense of space by visualizing the flow of an apartment.


At Ikos we’ve found that, by providing video tours up-front, renters get a lot of their questions resolved on the first video walkthrough. This gives them the confidence to move forward with an application, schedule a showing, or continue with their rental search. 


Out of town renters can conduct their home search remotely and conveniently. Decisive renters can jump from watching a video tour to submitting an application (through Concierge) in the span of ten minutes. 


And property owners benefit from having their vacancies fill faster by keeping up their foot traffic – virtually.


It’s all part of the Ikos experience




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