Protect your rental income with Rent Coverage

So you've screened your potential tenants, called references and confirmed their income. What else can you do as a landlord to protect your investment?

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There are many pros and cons to owning a rental property. If you’ve considered renting out your property, or have purchased a rental property, there are ways you can minimize your risk and protect your investment. 


All of the services that Ikos provides are focused on helping you make the most of your rental property, including marketing your unit on top websites, thoroughly screening tenants to find the best fit, and providing data on where to buy your next investment property. 


We also help you protect your rental - and the income you earn from it - through Rent Coverage.


Rent Coverage Blog Post


So, what’s Rent Coverage? When you find a tenant through Ikos, we guarantee up to three months rent loss due to lease breaks and evictions.


As applications come in on your property, Ikos works with two companies to screen potential tenants. The screening, which is done by JDP and TransUnion, includes credit, criminal and eviction history, proof of income and reference checks. We do all of this before we even send you somebody to consider. 


While we always try to provide you with the absolute best applicant for your property, some of our clients like to have extra peace of mind over the course of their lease by opting into Ikos Rent Coverage. 


And while nobody ever wants to deal with a lease break or eviction, unfortunately, it happens. 


To avoid the loss of income associated with these situations, Ikos will cover up to three months of rent if your tenant is at fault for a lease break or eviction. And in the meantime, we’ll help you find another tenant within that time frame.


If you’re interested in working with Ikos to find a tenant for your property, fill out the form below or email us at And make sure you ask if your property qualifies for Rent Coverage.