So who does what at Ikos?

Your property gets rented fast when multiple teams work together on your listing. This outline will help you understand how we collaborate to get your lease signed quickly.

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Ikos is not your standard real estate company. We’re a niche property rental company. Traditional real estate agents or property managers focus on every part of the leasing process (in addition to buying, selling, management, maintenance, etc.). We have multiple departments focused on the different functions of filling a vacancy.

Our wide range of teams and resources makes us great at what we do. However, we know this makes it difficult at times for people to keep track of who is doing what at Ikos.

This breakdown of our roles will give you some extra insight on how we get the job done.


Our Operations Team covers all activities that take place at your property. When you want Ikos to list one of your units, they are the ones who capture the initial photos, video tour, and floor plan of the available space. Upfront, they can also work with you to facilitate key exchanges and lockbox setups.

Once your listing is up on the market, this crew is also our boots on the ground meeting prospective renters for showings. Chances are you’ve heard us refer to them as our “Ikos Insiders” as these locals have the inside scoop on our properties and surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, they’re available to meet tenants 7 days a week to get these showings conducted. The range and availability of this team across markets is what enables us to get places rented quickly.

Customer Success

Our Customer Success Team works with renters when they inquire after seeing your place advertised online. They clarify upfront questions and make property recommendations depending on renters’ qualifications.

Additionally, they coordinate times with our Field Services Team for showings. This department also provides instruction throughout our application and screening process. That entails checks of credit, criminal and eviction history. Customer Success will also help to gather proof of income and references for you as well.

Client Advisors

These folks are our rental experts who study the market and advise you on your listing strategy. They know which neighborhoods are hot and which ones have less demand. They know how a pet policy can impact your number of days on the market. Client Advisors can help you navigate your property metrics in Homebase and tell you if your monthly rent is too low or too high. Wondering if you should have hardwood floors or carpet in your living room? Your Client Advisor can provide consultation there too.

When you list with Ikos, your dedicated Client Advisor is the one who oversees all leasing operations at your property. They are available to provide recommendations and guidance from when your property is listed all the way through the signing of the lease.

Client Success Managers

While Client Advisors are always your best point of contact while you have a property listed with Ikos, Client Success Managers are available throughout the year for general administrative support. They’ll stay in touch with you until your next unit is available, providing industry updates and market trends along the way.

Additionally, our awesome software engineers are always adding new features to your Homebase account so that your life keeps getting easier and easier as a property owner. With that, our Client Success Management Team will keep you in the loop as we release more tools and remain available for support until your next unit is up on our platform.